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    1. 1  Q:  What do you do?
      A: We deal and trade in real estate transactions. Often the properties we acquire are held for long term investment purposes. The properties we typically select are either lands or homes which are a burden to their owners and are unprofitable for them. We take property that people do not want and turn it into a positive. This is done by getting our customers cash in exchange for their land or home with a fast, smooth transaction.
    1. 2  Q:  How do I get started?
      A: Give us a call or complete our "Sell Your Lot" form online. We'll be more than happy to get started on making an offer to purchase your property.
    1. 3  Q:  How does your buying process work?
      A: Our client (person looking to sell their property) contacts us and provides information about their property. This can be done online with the "Sell Your Lot" link and form, or over the phone. We then evaluate the information provided and quickly make a cash offer. We make the process as quick and effortless as possible for our clients.

    Additional Questions

    For those of you with additional questions, please feel free to email or call us at 1-800-799-7051.  Our staff will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have. 


    1. Contact us if you have any further questions or feel ready to obtain our services.
    2. Please feel free to check out our offer to buy your land or home.